Journey to Lia

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I spy with my little eye....

someone with new glasses!!!!

Lia got her first pair of glasses last week and I am already sounding like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Wah wah wah waaaah, Lia put your glasses on, Lia pick up your glasses up off the floor or they will get broken, Lia's glasses are lost anyone know where they are???.

So far they are a pain in the you know where. Unfortunately, she needs to wear them all the time for strabismus (wandering eye) in both her eyes and to correct her far sighted vision. If there is not enough improvement in 6 weeks the dreaded patch will come out. Brian thinks she is more suited to a patch with her personality, we shall see.


  1. cute! They managed to test her eyes?

  2. Hi Tricia,
    Wow, finally I get to see a picture of your new daughter, we didn't have the chance in China....hope all is well. I will try to send you an email, if you are interested, check out our blog: I found your blog on Lisa's favourite blog lists....
    If I cannot find your email address, I will ask Lisa for it.
    Astrid (Steve, Hope and Kai)

  3. She looks darling in her glasses, but I can imagine the pain of trying to keep up with them.
    Can you believe it has been 6 months since we met one another in China? Time has certainly flown by. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and lost your blog address until now. Hope all is well.
    Mommy to the other Lia