Journey to Lia

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Exit "No" and enter "Why" year later.

We have hit our one year mark of meeting Lia. Somehow time has dulled all the crazyier moments of our trip and first difficult months home. I have been rather neglectful of my blog, too busy having fun. Brian went back to work after his 37 week parental leave and I am into my unpaid parental leave until Lia starts school in Sept. Its hard to believe our house was once quiet! We have all changed a lot in the last year, the pendulum of life not swinging quite so much.

I have to give a lot of credit to Ami. So kind and patient with her little sister. Growing up much to fast. Our little fashionista who is overjoyed at being over 48 inches and can go on the big rides at Canada's Wonderland. I miss having her home during the weekdays but she is far too smart to stay home with me.

And Lia, what can I say......makes us laugh hard every day. Asking where is her big bum to hold up her pants (they always fall down as she has the teeniest bum) and why she cant get the clouds down to lick them. She is out of the "no" phase and heavy into "why". Or shall I say "why", ""why", "why". Usually around 4-5pm I have to tell her she is out of questions for the day or I will soon be crazy !!!!

The girls still share a bed, everyone is happy, mostly Ami. It is so much fun to hear them giggle when they are supposed to be sleeping.  They share really well although I draw the line at them trying to share using the toilet at the same time!!