Journey to Lia

Monday, August 30, 2010

Tea and turtle anyone???

Within a couple days of meeting Lia, we discovered at the tea ceremony that she loves to drink tea. She has had a cup of longjing tea almost everyday since we have been home. We have been home almost 3 months and we still are discovering new things about Lia everyday. This mornings discovery....

We were sitting quietly colouring in the Kung Fu Panda book. It was a picture of Oogway the turtle master.

Lia pointing to the picture of Oogway- "Lia eat turtle"
Me a puzzled look on my face
Lia-"Mama eat turtle?"
Me-"no, Mama no eat turtle"
Lia-"Baba eat turtle?"
Me-"no, Baba no eat turtle"
Lia-"Jie Jie (Amy) eat turtle?"
Me-"no, Jie Jie no eat turtle"

Lia, with a disappointed look shrugged her shoulders and went back to colouring. Sorry to have disappointed my dear daughter but no we will not be serving turtle.


  1. lol! ahhh come-on! I betcha you'd make a delicous Turtle Shepherds Pie.

  2. I think I know what you'll be ordering for Can Can on your next trip to a Chinese restaurant. ;-))

    Mark C