Journey to Lia

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The world is pink, in case you forgot!!

Before we adopted for the second time, I repeated over and over that we would never compare our 2 girls. Looking back, maybe I was trying to convince myself. We have black and white, oil and water, football and pretty pink bows. Sure you can mix them together for a great salad dressing or wonderful shades of grey or a football player who looks really interesting, but really the 2 are very very different. As are our 2 girls, ain't that the truth.

Lia has been at the eye doctor about 5 times since we have been home. At the visit last week, I asked Brian to have Dr. K (who I love!!) check to see if she is colour blind. This after 7 months of hearing everything and I mean everything is pink. Pink hair, pink grass, pink trees, pink sky, pink, pink, pink. Lia's world is not pink, or black and white, she just refuses to learn her colours!!!

This is Lia's personality. Before the questions are even out of my mouth, she has already said "no" (make that 3 or 4 times) even when it is something she wants, the first word is "no", sigh.  It has become very difficult not to laugh when the drama begins and the whole world is about to end because she must eat at least some of her breakfast (that she just picked out!!).

So, I have developed a plan, ohh ahhh (that is supposed to be an evil laugh). I am tired of the "no". So I have decided I am no longer an adult and can say "no" too. Yes, its probably juvenile, but it makes me feel better.  She now asks for something and in response gets "Lias says no, so Mama say no. No, no, no, no no".  She does think its really funny, and we laugh as I am saying no, no, no and she starts saying yes, yes, yes, and maybe just maybe shes getting my point. We shall see!!!!


  1. You should read her the book "I have to go pee" by Robert Munsch. The little boy in the book always answers his parents questions by responding "No, No, No, No, No1". Maybe Amy would enjoy it? ;)

  2. spooky, our Amy has the same pink dog and puppy as your Ami...Erin has the purple one.